The Great

What a peaceful yawn you just released
Your tired eyes looking quite replete
Following this day of salubrious conflict
We all take pride in how you graciously afflict
In your way as you maintain
Your rays bright as day
I may want you to say
“Let’s allay and play today”
But, hey, I'll support the great
It’s late and we both know our fate
Let’s lay with angst at bay
Rest safe, your traits deserve no wait

Would you like me to
Go to bed with you?
I would like to, too
If it’s what you’d have me do

But I don’t need to recognize
Exactly what’s between your thighs
I’m just glad you answered my cries
A human being being tired of lies
Oh what a joyous disguise
These puppet vessels they shed before our eyes
To reveal what is forever implied
Amongst the suffering, let us release a sigh


from (​(​If I See At All​.​.​.​)​), released December 23, 2009




The Shortest Distance Fort Worth, Texas

Straight-lines and perfect circles exist. The Shortest Distance is an attempt in words, sounds, and light to share a subjective experience of universal grace and its consequences.

The Shortest Distance is the brainchild of Ramsey Billiot Sprague, a Chitimacha social justice organizer born in coastal Louisiana and raised in suburban Arlington, Texas.
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