Pink World

by The Shortest Distance



Tracks from an upcoming album...
More tracks to be added soon enough.
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released 01 January 2014
Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Ramsey Sprague




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Track Name: Pink World
You genius
I tell ya
I feel for all your sordid 'phrenias

Show me
Just what you see in psychedelia
How movements move you
Beyond their intent
With inexplicable consequence
Mmhmm, oh yeah, mmhmm, yeah, yeah, yeah

I may appear a dirty child, hmph
Neither tender nor so mild
Draggin' cultures in from the wild, hey
But I'm aware of how they have been organized
Through ritual and story
And career vehicles idling on the graves of the fallen
Of all sides
Take heart cause the truth don't die

I mean
To say you are so free
From any point
In history
When you question authority, think for yourself, and see
The privilege of the lords and queens
And of their courts
Tell me, what is so obscene in believing in beauty
Without irony
Without being phony
C'mon Eugene
Love us like you are free
Like you wanna be
At least if I'm remembering correctly...

You genius
You could have it all
Don't force Eugenia to take a fall
I feel for ya
You genius
Look at how you've missed us