Questions, Questions

Have you ever been nice
Have you ever been mean
Have you ever been blind
Have you ever been seen

Don’t you think you’re in love
Don’t you think you’re in keen
Don’t you think you’re above
Ignoring what I mean?

Persistence may be taxing
But don’t spend your time waxing
On and on about your failures and shortcomings
Cause some days you come a long way
Some days you come a long way
Some days you come a long way

The dead are already raised
And they're gonna help blaze
A brand new path
On the way to your grave

Don’t you think we're waves
Flying through open space
Don’t you think we’re alive
Under each others’ grace?

Self-discipline may be taxing
But it’s much more worth tackling
Than any form of corporal justice
What will be your goal after you've smashed the state
What will be your goal after you've smashed the state
What will be your goal after you’ve smashed the state of things
And re-actualized in the now?

Will you continue to kowtow
To your Pavlovian notion of how
You only learn if you burn yourself then bow your head
To pray to the pain
It's such a shame in the sense of waste
That you sing your praises like “Ouch”, “Ouch”
When connecting with struggle allows us to disavow
Our indulgences with the ease of having fewer doubts

And that's why I only play with matches
When there is a match of intention
Then I'll dig even deeper
Before I'll play in their pews
In prayer with them in unison
Trusting nihilism's thrust to have gone and come
See it just gets tired and lonely yet stays at step one
But if we hear it's web spun we may remind it how to love someone


from (​(​If I See At All​.​.​.​)​), released December 23, 2009




The Shortest Distance Fort Worth, Texas

Straight-lines and perfect circles exist. The Shortest Distance is an attempt in words, sounds, and light to share a subjective experience of universal grace and its consequences.

The Shortest Distance is the brainchild of Ramsey Billiot Sprague, a Chitimacha social justice organizer born in coastal Louisiana and raised in suburban Arlington, Texas.
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