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Better Ways?

Harvesting what is it worth
Nourishment assumed of course is not of dirt
Or is it and it's just cause we cannot see it
That flesh on waves seem so abstract
Our presence just cannot bring itself to be it

But beats and language and such things don't do any more
Than make new spaces for the rubrics of our open sores
So we should not ignore them

They likely started when you were a child
Just like us all
Hey, isn't that wild?

If no one nurtured in us
The best ways to grow our minds
Than liberation from ourselves
Is often what we must find
Like heyaw! She-clack-clack!
Heyaw! She-clack-clack!

And it wasn't easy for me and I have yet to peak
But I knew the least resistant path was not the one to seek
And now I may be stronger but I still tend to side with the politically weak
Those for whom it is still hard to have their voices heard clear when they speak
Cause I know there are so many fears 'hind which one can stay
Only so many sane paths and only so much day
But that’s why we burn and share and attempt to maintain sway
With each other and ourselves to light the better ways
At least that's what they say
I'm gonna question it like I question everything


from (​(​If I See At All​.​.​.​)​), released December 23, 2009




The Shortest Distance Mobile, Alabama

Straight-lines and perfect circles exist here.

The Shortest Distance captures some of the artistic expressions of Ramsey Billiot Sprague, a Chitimacha artist born in Dulac, Louisiana and raised in suburban Arlington, Texas. ... more

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