We​.​.​. Were​.​.​. Where?

by The Shortest Distance

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Unpublished creations from the Eye. Runny. <== Eugene & the Mythstick recording/remixing sessions...


released November 1, 2017




The Shortest Distance Mobile, Alabama

Straight-lines and perfect circles exist here.

The Shortest Distance captures some of the artistic expressions of Ramsey Billiot Sprague, a Chitimacha artist born in Dulac, Louisiana and raised in suburban Arlington, Texas. ... more

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Track Name: Pa, U See! (feat. Aleister Crowley)
Bury me in a nameless grave

I came from God the world to save

I brought them wisdom from above

Worship and liberty and love
They slew me for I did disparage therefore
Religion, law, and marriage
So be my grave without a mate
That earth may swallow up my shame...

What happened to the other day
When we walking through every step of the way together
Well I want you to get straight with me don’t step out of line don’t lie to me
Did you go there, did you say it, did you do it, did you wander away
Well it’s something you’ll have to deal with today
Cause if I have my part to play
My children will rejoice at your scars and say
I'm glad that they handled it that way
The piper had to pay for the shit that he gave

And here's when the story changes within a sound
I continued to eat at time and spend the afternoon making rhymes
I was paying no attention to the source of the omniscient frowns
When all the sudden
The ground became nothing more than sound
It had disappeared and I was floating like I was in space
Oh, I could not breathe but there was no need
I had displaced my bearings and I was getting dizzy
I wanted to vomit because I was totally wallowing in my waste

That earth may swallow up my shame...
Track Name: Admission Upon Redemption & Vice Versa
Hello this is Misty, I’m 31 years young and I’m very proud of it, and I have earned every year I’ve got-
- And this is an adult line-
-Yeah and for all your teenagers out there, if you have something courteous to say, since you’re hogging up the line anyway, you might as well leave me a message, but if you’re gonna be a shit don’t even bother, okay?
-And hey, this is her cousin Butch-
-That’s my cousin
-I’m a bisexual big male and if any of you kids disrespect my cousin again, I’m gonna kick your ass-
-You got it goin on Butch!-
-I’m 6’3”, I long blonde hair, I’m really built and I’m bisexual-
-You tell em-
-You better leave my cousin alone-
-You tell em-
-Hurt ya
Track Name: Rip Current See
Shower of alchemy
Show me me ideally
Leaden anchoring to golden and freeing
To react with those around me
Should that need be

Willing to change
In the face of good medicine
Cursed to be forever
An agent of change
But change we are not
We are not our thoughts
We're not sold
Just cause we're bought
And now we must change, too
In addition, as well
Another entrance
Where were we when?

Alchemical showers
Precipitate from new-law-law
But who discovered whom
All temples, a tomb
Each a god, each in bloom
Ever coming, some leave room
For fruits and tools
Or fabrics in looms
And exits marked
Should any be a fool

Taste death, life, strife, sacrifice
Then make some truth
In endless youth
Not in folly
Just adeptness for finding food
Make some space
To transmutate
The ease of tension
Into an ease of fate
The inevitable
Is just what we create
So kiss us off gently
And make something great

Hello? Yeah, hey. I can talk right now.