The Nerve

I condone
Your being alone
Using this time to hone
Your notion of the stone
That concrete sense of you
That drags you toward the view
As gravity gives you clues
About where you are headed to

Bodies give us problems
But they can be loved
Endless frustrating arousal
But they can be loved
Offering memory when respected
They can be loved
Our bodies can be loved

And does it ruin the day
If hands tempt to satiate
Is it innocent play
Or a trap which hurls closer to gay
And when the hands don’t intervene
Are you proud of your restraining?
Should you be rest assured through that brand of conceit?
How high should one feel if self-love means defeat?

And should vision blur
Just take some time to nurture
We can all intuit our own cure
And it doesn't have to feel like something we both must endure
Through our love we know the timeless themes are pure


from (​(​If I See At All​.​.​.​)​), released December 23, 2009




The Shortest Distance Fort Worth, Texas

Straight-lines and perfect circles exist. The Shortest Distance is an attempt in words, sounds, and light to share a subjective experience of universal grace and its consequences.

The Shortest Distance is the brainchild of Ramsey Billiot Sprague, a Chitimacha social justice organizer born in coastal Louisiana and raised in suburban Arlington, Texas.
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